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Illinois CancerCare-Peoria

Peoria, Illinois, United States
Cancer treatment center in Peoria, Illinois
8940 Wood Sage Rd, Peoria, IL 61615

About Illinois CancerCare-Peoria

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Clinical Trials at Illinois CancerCare-Peoria

During the past decade, Illinois CancerCare-Peoria conducted 238 clinical trials. In the 10-year time frame, 238 clinical trials started and 173 clinical trials were completed, i.e. on average, 72.7% percent of trials that started reached the finish line to date. In the past 5 years, 105 clinical trials started and 98 clinical trials were completed. i.e. 93.3% of trials that started reached the finish line.

Clinical Trials Sponsors and Collaborators

Out of the total clinical trials conducted in "Illinois CancerCare-Peoria" #1 sponsor was "National Cancer Institute (NCI)" with 202 trials, followed by "SWOG Cancer Research Network" with 51 trials sponsored, "Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology" with 46 trials sponsored, "ECOG-ACRIN Cancer Research Group" with 24 trials sponsored and "NRG Oncology" with 24 trials sponsored. Other sponsors include 51 different institutions and companies that sponsored additional 29 trials in total.
In terms of collaborators to trials, out of the total clinical trials conducted in "Illinois CancerCare-Peoria" #1 collaborator was "National Cancer Institute (NCI)" with 167 trials as a collaborator, "NRG Oncology" with 31 trials as a collaborator, "Canadian Cancer Trials Group" with 12 trials as a collaborator, "NCIC Clinical Trials Group" with 8 trials as a collaborator and "Cancer and Leukemia Group B" with 7 trials as a collaborator. Other collaborators include 78 different institutions and companies that were collaborators in the rest 60 trials.

Clinical Trials Conditions at Illinois CancerCare-Peoria

According to Clinical.Site data, the most researched conditions in "Illinois CancerCare-Peoria" are "Recurrent Breast Carcinoma" (12 trials), "Invasive Breast Carcinoma" (11 trials), "Stage IV Breast Cancer AJCC v6 and v7" (11 trials), "Stage IV Lung Cancer AJCC v8" (11 trials) and "Recurrent Ovarian Carcinoma" (10 trials). Many other conditions were trialed in "Illinois CancerCare-Peoria" in a lesser frequency.

Clinical Trials Intervention Types at Illinois CancerCare-Peoria

Most popular intervention types in "Illinois CancerCare-Peoria" are "Drug" (315 trials), "Other" (246 trials), "Biological" (139 trials), "Procedure" (86 trials) and "Radiation" (54 trials). Other intervention types were less common.
The name of intervention was led by "Laboratory Biomarker Analysis" (127 trials), "Quality-of-Life Assessment" (93 trials), "Questionnaire Administration" (59 trials), "Cisplatin" (42 trials) and "Computed Tomography" (42 trials). Other intervention names were less common.

Clinical Trials Genders at Illinois CancerCare-Peoria

The vast majority of trials in "Illinois CancerCare-Peoria" are 315 trials for "All" genders, 58 trials for "Female" genders and 16 trials for "Male" genders.

Clinical Trials Status at Illinois CancerCare-Peoria

Currently, there are NaN active trials in "Illinois CancerCare-Peoria". undefined are not yet recruiting, 96 are recruiting, 156 are Active, not recruiting, and undefined are Enrolling by invitation. In total, there were 99 completed trials in Illinois CancerCare-Peoria, 10 suspended trials, and 26 terminated clinical trials to date.
Out of the total trials that were conducted in Illinois CancerCare-Peoria, 26 "Phase 1" clinical trials were conducted, 199 "Phase 2" clinical trials and 182 "Phase 3" clinical trials were conducted as well. "Phase 4" trials included 0 trials, and there were also 10 trials that are defined as “Not Applicable".